Scorpion Tank Electronics Kit


Comes with the main components needed to power the Scorpion, still requires several items see description below:

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Click here to view the instruction manual.

Click here to view the electronics wiring manual.


  • 2x 370 brushed motors
  • Turret rotation servo modified for 360 degree rotation
  • Gun elevation servo
  • Recoil servo
  • Voltage meter
  • Power switch + power wires
  • Bundle of misc wire
  • 30mm fan
  • LED light kit (Pick what gun above for which lights are supplied)

***The 360 degree slip-ring is no longer supplied with this electronics kit!


  • STL Files
  • Hardware
  • Transmitter / Receiver
  • Electronic controller board like Clark TK22
  • IR emitter
  • Speaker / Volume Control
  • Tamiya apple or similar receiver to pick up IR damage



If you will use a Clark TK22 board, you will need the following items directly from Clark (~$150)

Just send them an email:

  • TK22 x 1 (I’m still not sure which sound set to use)
  • TBU BASE x 1 (base to plug apple into)
  • IR010 x 1 (IR emitter)
  • HL Volume Control x 1
  • CAB001 x 1 (small plug)
  • HL Cable Set x 1
  • IR Configuration Remote x1 (used to configure the board)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 2 in
Type Of Gun

30mm Gun, 76mm Gun, 90mm Gun


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