This is all the updates the STL package for the 3D Printed Snow Blower has gone through sofar.

Update v3.0 (12/1/2017)
– MASSIVE UPDATE! Most changes help with assembly, nothing really performance effecting. (Not worth re-printing your blower if its already assemebled!)
– New belt drive, nearly the same ratio (new 1:4.85, old 1:4.16). Now uses an aluminuim pinion and a smaller belt (same hardware the Spyker KAT uses)
– The main blower body is now made it 2 parts, makes it eaiser to replace or exchange the impeller inside. (pull the back end off instead of augers)
– Chute rotation servo now supports mounting the gear on standard servo horns. (no more press-fitting the gear on!)
– The driveshaft is redone, the impeller now bolts onto the driveshaft, no more tiny holes to drill, so much easier.
– Blower brackets are now split into 2 pieces, SOOOO much easier to remove the brackets to move the blower between different RC.
– Removed the 3DS Max file (please email me if you actually used that, I can add it back in! I don’t think anyone uses it though)
– Many other small tweaks.

Update v2.21 (11/18/2017)
– Added the old Traxxas files back in so you have a choice of transmission if your printing your own, everything is seperated into their own folders inside the STL files now.
– New image in documents for the old sections of the manual for how to assemble the Traxxas diff.
– You can choose which transmission to install:
– The Traxxas transmission is proven to be very reliable but hard to obtain all the parts (Traxxas E-Maxx or T-Maxx diff required), and you need to lock the internal diff gears to make it a solid axle.
– The new Spyker transmission (from update 2.2) is a better gear ratio (3.75:1 vs 2.83) and can be fully 3d printed.

Update v2.2 (8/25/2017)
– Overhauled to use new printed transmission instead of the Traxxas Diff (CNC gears also now avaliable on our store page)
– Changed motor pinion again, better more reliable design (see manual for new assembly)
– Tweaked the chute mount piece to make it easier to remove
– Added new experimental impellers
– Sort files in folders by date to see what has changed
– Removed DWG files folder (let me know if you still need them)

Update v2.1 (12/23/2016) – Entire new chute, smaller diameter and designed to print smooth sides in, insane performance now! Check out the most recent YouTube on my channel.
– Added a “Safety Hook” this is a tool used to unclog the blower, also a bracket to mount it.
– Added 8x #2 x 1/4” Sheet Metal Screws
– Added 8x #2 x 3/8” Sheet Metal Screws
– Added 4x #2 x 5/8” Sheet Metal Screws
– Changed the large 1/4-20 threaded rod to a Hex Bolt 1/4-20 x 5 1/2″ so you no longer have to cut the stainless rods.
– Updated instruction manual to include new drill guide, hardware, several changes on several steps. Supports the new chute assembly.
– Many small changes through-out the manual.
– Servo cover now thicker, the corners were too narrow. (Perimeter problems)
– Added extra material to both impellers to make them stronger in the corners.
– Small tweaks to nearly every file to make it compatible with a 0.8mm nozzle. Still able to use any nozzle size to print the files.
– Other small tweaks to some parts.

Update v2.0 (2/4/2016)
– Made entire new instruction manual
– Manuals now include visual parts list at the end (old part lists still remain for clickable links to boltdepot.com)
– Now includes Electronics Wiring and How To Operate sections!
– New drill guide is now on the last page
– Made an epic video instruction for how to assemble the blower: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2M8kpjp4uA
– This video follows along exactly with the new manual so you can use both at the same time.
– Changed entire auger assembly, smooth blades, more spiral turns, much better performance.
– Changed all “Shoot” names to “Chute” whoops!
– Added several new parts:
– “Ring” to replace the Traxxas differential ring.
– “Deflector” a new piece that installs above the auger to help keep snow in
– “Chute Shroud” a removable accessory that helps with powdered snow.
– “Impeller 3 Bladed” new much better impeller replaces the old one
– “Impeller 6 Bladed” not sure if its better or not yet, not enough testing, experiment!
– Changed the “Drive Pulley” to have a larger hole to fit a FR4ZZ flange bearing.
– Adjusted tolerance on the drive shaft, better fit into the bearing.
– Made the “Blizzard” and “Blank Brackets” have a larger area around the screws to prevent cracking.
– Made the motor mount hole smaller on the “Main Case” to prevent the motor screws from sinking into the plastic.
– Re-structured folders
– Many changes to all parts lists.
– Many other small changes too many to mention!

Update v1.5 (1/7/2016)
***REMOVE THE MOTOR GUARD COVER PIECE IF YOU ARE USING IT! I found out it causes massive over-heating on the motor, so bad it can melt your pinion off!
– Removed the “Motor Cover” piece from the files.
– Removed screw holes in the “Belt Cover”.
– Removed 2x #4 x 1/2″ screws and 2x washers from parts list.
– Changed the “Impeller” shape. This is a new impeller that is much better then the old one. No support needed for printing now also.
– Made all “Auger” pieces much stronger, new shape and much more beefy.
– “Auger Blades” now slightly ~0.3mm thicker.
– Separated “Main Case” into 2 pieces for easier clean up, much less support material and better finish. (Not worth re-printing, unless your shoot didn’t fit well)
– Added new piece “Shoot Mount” this piece is a much better orientation for printing
– “Main Case” modified to fit the new piece
– Added 2x #4 x 1/2″ screws
– Added entire new assembly “Slipper Clutch” contains all new drive parts. (White parts folder)
– You now need Traxxas part #5352x for its ring and pads
– Removed 1x 3/4″ 4-40 screw
– Removed large OD 4-40 washer
– Added large hole in the belt cover for the new slip clutch adjustment screw to fit through.
– Added 1/4-20 x 2″ hex bolt
– Added 2x 1/4-20 washers
– Added spring 1″ Long, 0.42″ OD, 0.047″ Wire
– Made “Bearing Holder” tabs thicker to remove support required (Not worth re-printing)
– Tweaked several files for easier clean up. (Less sanding/finishing, not worth re-printing)
– “Shoot”
– “Shoot Spout”
– “Support Stick”
– “Impeller”
– Drill guides updated, added slipper clutch parts, several changes made. (Removed “Motor Cover”, changed some sizes on blades and driveshaft to 1/8″)
– Added exact links to each screw in parts lists. (from BoltDepot.com US based store)
– Updated instruction manual to v1.5 new steps for assembling the slipper clutch, other misc tweaks.
– UPDATED STL and DWG Read Me files, please read those!

Update v1.41 (12/2/2015)
– Added DRILL GUIDES! Look inside “Manuals” folder.
– Added “Where To Buy” links inside the snow blower parts list. Specific product links to where to buy some of the items. (In the US)
– Changed size of threaded rod for control arms in manual pages.(From 2″ to 1 1/2″)
– Tweaked parts list to include proper control arm counts.
– Snow blower kit listed with a control arm to use for the stock plow now (Extra pieces not listed under the front and rear mount kits now.)

Update v1.4 (11/18/2015)
3D Printed Part Changes:
– Added new parts “Motor Cover” & “Servo Cover” (optional accessories to keep snow/water out of electronics.)
– Made new drive pinions that clamp on instead of a set screw
– Made driveshaft slightly longer. (Did not line up that well before)
– Changed the back shape of the Belt Cover piece, much less support needed and better looking bottom finish
– Added 2nd pin hole for drive shaft, 2mm farther back. (Traxxas 2.5 and 3.3 diffs have a 2mm difference on the shaft input, either will work now)
– Made the auger blades a smaller radius to avoid hitting screws. (About 2mm-4mm smaller)
– Shortened the belt cover post piece to make a tighter seal
– Made all bearing holes slightly smaller for a better press fit
– Added a bevel edge to the bottom of the Side Plates so you don’t have to file the edge down
– Several other misc small changes to other parts (Nothing worth re-printing)Hardware Changes:
– Switched back to 3/8″ long screws for the aluminuim bar. (5/16 were too short in some spots)
– Changed #6 flathead screw for the aluminuim bar from 1/2″ to 5/8″. (Less chance of stripping)
– Changed 4x #6 screws from 5/8″ to 3/4″ for the support mount. (Less chance of stripping)
– Changed the impeller 6-32 screw from 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ and added lock nut
– Added 2 4-40 washers for support stick
– Added 4x #4 x 1/2″ sheet metal screws for servo mounting (Shoot rotation)
– Added 1 4-40 washer for servo (Still need to provide proper screw for servo)
– Added 2x #4 x 1/2″ screws and washers for motor cover
– Added 2x 4-40 x 1/2″ screws and lock nuts. (No more 6-32 set screw)

– Made changes to the instruction manual to support all the changes

Update v1.3 (10/10/2015)
Changed several parts to give a much better top surface finish. Some holes don’t go all the way through the top now. Drill the holes out using the bottom side as the guide. (This lets the slicer do a smoother top layer without trying to slice around all the holes.)
Added a skirt to some parts that were prone to tipping over mid-print. Just peel/sand them off afterwards.
Fixed missing hole in belt cover.
Fixed a few minor errors in the parts list.
Changed the orientation and shape of the auger pieces to save on support material.

Update v1.21 (2/23/2015)
Added DWG files. These DWG files may need some repairing with your CAD program. They were exported from 3ds Max 2011 which is not traditional CAD, it is a polygon based video game modeling program.
Tweaked some screws in the snow blower parts list. These changes are for the metal bar that goes across the bottom, thin profile lock nuts to avoid hitting the auger blades.
4-40 x 5/16” (flat head) quantity changed from 12 to 8
4-40 lock nut quantity changed from 36 to 28
Added 4-40 thin lock nut quantity 8

Update v1.2 (2/17/2015)
Added page 11 to the Snow Blower manual for skid shoes!
Added new STL file for the skid shoe.
Adjusted a few 4-40 screws in the parts list for the skid shoe.

Update v1.1 (2/17/2015)
Lots of changes to almost every file! The front and rear mounts have no changes, but the snow blower has many changes.
New manual and parts list. Also new STL files.