New Woodworking Plans!

I just released a new file set of PDF plans, templates and 3D print files to build your own wooden bench!

Single Seater DIY Plans Here

Double Seater DIY Plans Here

Elevate your poolside experience with our bench designed for use next to above ground
pools. Featuring a walkable deck, foldable ladders, and easy-to-move with wheels.

Included is a detailed set of plans that detail the hardware you need, lumber you need. Sizes to cut the lumber, drill guide to pre-drill all your holes to help assembly (optional) and then a FULL set of instructions on how to assemble your own bench. This is designed to be very easy to build using basic wood working tools, drills, saw, sander. No complex stuff needed! We made ours out of Cedar wood but anything can be used, pressure treated, even regular pine if you paint it really good.

If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]

We also sell the 3D Print parts if you need just email us!

We can also build you one if you are local to Saint Paul MN! Send us a message if interested.

Checkout the Double Seater here:

Checkout the Single Seater here:

All new products listed today! New Electronics Manuals! + Lots of new STL Files for sale!

Lots of new products listed here, the 2X Spyker KAT has been fully re-vamped! Lots of new upgrades, and new manuals etc. Video on the way…

New 2X Spyker KAT stuff here!

New 2X2 Snow Blower stuff here!

Working on listing the hardware KIT’s and printed KIT’s next few days, stay tuned!

Just re-did the 2X KAT Electronics manuals, also a new one for the new Electronics Tray (that requires the larger Extended Basher Body)

New Electronics Tray STL Files here

Lots of new STL Files are now out for sale! Products, and other STL files on the way, very soon!

Checkout the new STL Files here


Brand New 1X-2 Mini Snow Blower Now For Sale!

BASE KIT – 1X-2 Mini Snow Blower

BASIC PACKAGE – 1X-2 Mini Snow Blower

COMPLETE PACKAGE – 1X-2 Mini Snow Blower

1X-2 Mini Snow Blower Instruction Manual

1X-2 Battery Boxes Instruction Manual

Kyosho Blizzard Worm Gear Transmisson Upgrade

New 1X-2 Mini Snow Blower in action in the snow!

Check out all the new products here, ready for sale!

STL Files for sale here.


  • Slipper clutch on both Augers and Impeller, protection from rock/ice damage.
  • Able to blow 15.25″ x 6″ of powdered snow.
  • Fits 775/540/550 sized motors (Or brushless equivalent sizes) (25mm or 29mm bolt patterns).
  • GT2 sized pulleys/belt for transmission (Very common 3D printer parts)
  • Steel/Brass Worm Gear transmission
  • 4.25″ Diameter Impeller.
  • 3.125″ Diameter Auger.
  • Select from 3, 4, 5, or 6 blade impeller.
  • Double bearing supported pulley drive.
  • Easy access to impeller and auger (6 screws to remove the entire assembly)
  • Thick plastic body design.
  • 1″ height gauge printed into the side panels
  • Direct replacement for old 1X Mini Blowers. (This fits onto all existing mounting KITs for TRX4, Blizzard, 1X KAT)
  • Chute can rotate 360 degrees to blow snow backwards!
  • PETG printed parts.
  • Aluminum scraper bar (Must be cut and drilled)
  • Skid shoe ride height adjustment.
  • 1X-2 weighs ~5lbs (old 1X was ~3.5lbs)
  • Several upgrades sold here.
  • Checkout all the products here.


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RC Boats:

  1. Outboard Motors
  2. KIT – Standard Pontoon Layouts
  3. KIT – Design Your Own Pontoon
  4. RTR – Handcrafted Custom Pontoons
  5. Pontoon Spare Parts

Other Products:

  1. 1/14th Construction RC
  2. 1/6th Tank Parts

Contact us if you need help with anything!

Coming Soon – New Product Line – RC Boats – 1/10th Scale Pontoon KIT!

I’m launching a whole new product line soon, RC boats! I have developed an outboard motor that has steering and trim servos built in, powered by a 540 motor. Tons and tons of different options to change speed and power etc. I will be making several types of boats that use these outboard motors.
The first of this new line will be a 1/10th scale RC pontoon boat! They are resin 3D printed, really easy to sand and paint, the parts come out incredibly detailed. The pontoon KITs will have MANY different options, scale size 20′ or 24′ (24″-28.5″) deck lengths, pontoon, sportoon, tritoon etc. Also ability for dual or triple outboard setups.
These will be KITs that must be sanded, painted, etc. Curious on who would all be interested in something like this, send me a message/email if your interested!

Cyber Blower Now Available For Sale!

Click here for more information or to order!

  • Can blow snow 22″ wide and up to 12″ deep!
  • Runs on dual 775 Motors (Can also be run on a single powerful brushless motor)
  • All new original design uses a high speed 8″ impeller that drives several gear reductions out to 4 high torque augers!
  • Quick release lever system that mounts to our CyberKAT
  • Plastic impeller paddles are easy to replace if they get damaged (Will include TONS of extras)
  • Augers are aluminum blades and easy to form back into shape if any rocks or ice get clogged in the blower.
  • Recycled Slippery UHMW Polyethylene Scraper Bar
  • Dual light bars
  • Adjustable wheels to control scrape height (Also servo lifting trim controls height)
  • Chute rotates 180 degrees with just a standard RC servo!
  • Weighs around 9-10lbs with 2 motors
  • The frame is plasma cut 0.04″ 5052 Aluminum sheet metal (Please note can be scratched easily if you are not careful! Painting will avoid that.)(Also can have light scratches from manufacture process)
  • Delrin Injection Molded transmission gears/sprockets/tracks/wheels
  • CNC 1/8″ 6061 Aluminum parts (Transmission)
  • 3D printed colors lens
  • Designed for 2x 775 size motors. (Recommend 12V)